Reklaam otsingumootoris

MarketingSherpa kirjutab (Why You *Must* Track Delayed Search Impact –- Real-Life Story), et reklaam otsingumootoris on palju rohkem, kui „nägi, klikkis, ostis, lahkus“. Kui inimesed esimest korda teie lehele satuvad ei pruugi nad kohe ostma tormata. Väga paljud pöörduvad mõne aja pärast lehele tagasi ja hakkavad alles siis tegutsema. Numbrid on täiest hämmastavad:

For one paid search team, there was maybe $10K in immediate revenues. When we evaluated it after 15 days, it was $120K. When we looked at the delayed impact 30 days out, there was about $1.2 million. Going further out to 45 days, it was over $3 million. It blew me away when I saw this. — Michael DeHaven, Ecommerce Marketing Manager at

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