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Seoses eksamitega koolis ja muude tähtsate asjadega on siin natukene aega vaiksem, kui tavaliselt. Kui midagi huvitavat silma jääb siis üritan ikka ära mainida ja vähemalt asjalikke viiteid postitada.

Viimasel ajal on olnud palju juttu sellest, et page view on enda statistilise näitajana ammendanud ja üritataks leida uut mõõdikut selle asemele. Paar huvitavat postitust selle kohta:

2007: The End Of The Page View

Since Internet measurement became a business in the mid 90s, page views have always been front and center in the world of Internet measurement. And for a good reason, a page view meant another ad view, maybe another three or four ad views depending on how many ads are on the page.

But there are changes afoot in the Internet measurement business. Everyone is recognizing that pageviews matter less now.

Size doesn’t matter: The distributed media economy

No, size does not matter, not in media, not anymore. […] Instead of measuring quantity, we have to measure quality. And only when we do that will the true value of these new media be unlocked for everyone.

page view statistika mõõdikud külastajad sevenline internetiturundus

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