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Marketing Remix on põhjalik lugu sellest, mis on toimumas turunduses ja meedias. Internetist saadav info ja võimalused muudavad üha rohkem inimeste käitumist. See trend on muutnud vanad olija ärevaks uute tulijate ees.

It has been reported that Wal-Mart, which represents almost two percent of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States, is “afraid” of Google because the powerful search engine may make comparability of price more transparent, and thereby hit the powerful retailer right in the heart of their value proposition.

Muutuvad turunduse põhimõtted ning klassikalised neli P-d saavad uue tähenduse.

The remix is from Place to Presence; from Promotion to Persuasion; from Positioning to Preference; from Price (static) to Price (dynamic); and from Product to Personalization.

Asjalik lugemine kõigile, kes plaanivad pikemat karjääri turunduse valdkonnas.

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